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Asked Questions

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What does
Smashinvest Do?

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What do we invest with?

We invest on vehicle which we in return give for hire purchase for a period of 18 – 24 Months

Who is SmashInvest for?

For individuals, who seek safely and timely profitable investment.

Why do I need SmashInvest?

We help you position your money in a way that it can work for you while you focus your attention on other things

How authentic is SmashInvest

We are a registered company with the federal republic of Nigeria with our registration number RC 1592710) and also regulated by Nigeria investment promotion commission.

How can I get started?

Getting started is simple. Signup for any of our investment packages

How frequently do I expect return on investment

A week after initial investment has been approved.

How often can I make profit withdrawals

Profits on investment can be withdrawn monthly, quarterly or yearly

What's the investment duration for a classic package

This is a 90 days (3months) investment plan with an interest rate of 6.5%

What's the investment duration for a classic plus package

This is a 180 days (6months) investment plan with an interest rate of 14%.

What's the investment duration for a Classic Extra

This is a 270 days (9months) investment plan with an interest rate of 21.5%.

What's the investment duration for a Premium Package

This is a 365 days (12months) investment plan with an interest rate of 30%.

User Referral FAQs

How do I get a referral link?

The referral link can be found on your dashboard after registration and account verification

Is there a limit to how many people can use my referral link

Absolutely no — your referral link can be shared without a limit restriction on how many people can use your link

How can my link be used

The user needs to click on the link which should redirect to SmashInvest official website and proceed with the registration and investment. Or enter the link on the required field during registration

Is there any form of incentive for me? if my link is used by a new user

Yes, there is an incentive for you. For every new Signup investment made you get a commission.

How much do I get paid when a user uses my referral link?

You get 1.5% of the invested amount by user.

Do I get paid, if the user reffered doesn't make an investment?

You only get paid when we record a successful investment transaction by the user using your referral link
A Brief About Us
We are Smashinvest, A Nigerian leading transportation investment company.
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?

Block 59, Plot 12A, Kusenla Road, Beside Spicy Restaurant, Chisco Bus Stop, Lekki, Lagos.

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